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Permanent Make Up is an amazing procedure which will enhance your appearance and stay permanently All Day and All Night.
If you are tired of putting on make up, having your make up smear off from sweating, embarrassed to go swimming because you plucked too many or your eyebrows or lips are thin and uneven... what ever the reason... NOW you can have Beautiful Permanent Eyebrows, Stunning Permanent Eyeliner and Sexy Permanent Lip Color.

Permanent Makeup Saves you time, money and embarrassement. You will be amazed how Natural or Dramatic your results can be. You will choose what you want, whether it be a natural look and less color applied or an Enhanced look for a more Prominant Apprearance. Our Goal is to enhance and bring out your features and make you the best you can be.

We also do other procedures including "Areola Repigmentation, Scar Camouflage" as well as other types of Para Medical Procedures. Please ask if we do a specific procedure if you don't see the specific procedure you want on our Website.
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Permanent Make Up is not just for Women! Men are having Eyelash Enhancements to bring out their Eyes. Many men are covering up scars in their eyebrows, enhancing the thickness of their hair and covering up scars shown when their hair is cut short or shaven like a crew cut. Permanent Make up will be applied to match the skin color or hair to camoflauge the scars and to look amazingly natural. Men who have thinning or no eyebrows from Alopecia or Cancer Treatments can also benefit from Permanent eyebrows perfectly designed to look real and natural. Our consultations are FREE and PRIVATE. Call 727-388-2705
The Visual Edge Permanent Make Up Artists are skilled, talented professionals who are determined to keep our clients satisfied with our services. We work in a private, sanitary environment only. We are graduates from prestiguous schools and are Licensed and Insured. Your Safety & Satisfaction is our Priority.
Before and After Corrective "Eyebrow" Procedure
Note: Before removal of previous Permanent Makeup of left eyebrow, "powderfill / solid" technique was applied to correct.
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"Solid" Eyebrow technique.
Completed in one session.
"Solid" Eyebrow technique.
Completed in one session.
On site at The Visual Edge you can see a Complete Portfolio of hundreds of photos for viewing... come in and see anytime!
Permanent Cosmetics
  Come in and see our Portfolio of hundreds of Before and After Pictures on Site of our Procedures during your Complimentary Consultation.
Due to Confidentiality and Security Reasons, we have intentionally only posted a frw of our before & after Pictures on this Website.
Pre / Post Procedure Information
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Permanent Cosmetics
$350 - $450
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Permanent Cosmetics is a Permanent procedure, sometimes lasting up to 10 years or more but usually lasting five years or less.

Here at The Visual Edge, we tend to apply our Permanent Cosmetics conservatively as you can always add more later if you desire more.
The Visual Edge
Permanent Cosmetics
"Eye Liner or Eyelash Enhancement"
$300 - $400
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Permanent Cosmetics
$350 - $450
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