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"Eye Liner" Techniques
Upper Eyelahsh Enhancement...
only the upper was requested by Customer.
(Notice there is only slight liner applied to the lash line for a more natural look but also brings out the eye color)
Please Note: Here at The Visual Edge, we do two types of techniques for the Eyes.
Eye Liner...
Permanent Cosmetics is applied in a line fashion (but different styles) or an
Eyelash Enhancement...
Permanent Cosmetics is applied to the lash line usually in dots to outline the eyes but is almost undectable and very natural looking.
Please also know your Eye Liner / Eyelash Enhancement procedure is usually not complete until after the (touch up) second visit.
Please make sure you follow up with your additional visits so you have a complete result.
The Visual Edge
Choosing to have your Permanent Cosmetic Eye Liner is a serious matter, please keep in mind each of us is different, and your Eye Liner will be unique to your wants and needs.
No Worries, before we begin the actual Permanent Cosmetic Procedure, it will be discussed and you will approve a drawn on temporary Eye Liner/Enhancement and/or the type of Eye Liner procedure to be done.
$ 400.
The Visual Edge intentionally posted only a few pictures to show the different techniques and styles we offer here.

For a complete look at our Portfolio of hundreds of Pictures or a Complimentary Consultation,
please schedule an appointment to come in anytime.

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An Eyelash Enhancement usually only lasts about a year and full Eye Liner has been known to last five or even up to ten years.
 "Eye Liner" Procedures
Choose the Perfect "Eyeliner" or "Eyelash Enhancement" Style
 that's just right for YOU!
Upper Eyelash Enhancement

Lower Eyelash Enhancement
Upper Eyelash Enhancement
Lower Eyelash Enhancement
$ 200.
$ 150.
$ 400.
You may also bring in a picture of the type of Eye Liner you would like to have done and we can emulate it for you.
Upper Eye Liner

Lower Eye Liner
Upper & Lower Eye Liner
$ 250.
$ 175.
The Visual Edge
The Visual Edge
Previously done Eye Liner at The Visual Edge...
customer came back for more.
Permanent Cosmetic "Eyeliner"
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